What are the Best Muscle Building Foods?

To get the most out of the foods that build muscle you also need to have consideration for the rest of your body. If you think that eating a lot of high protein foods every day without taking in other types of nutrients that your body is probably craving for, then I guess I’ll go find my net…because you’re gonna crash and burn.

Muscle Building FoodsAnother thing to think about is not just how much muscle building foods you eat, but how much of that food actually gets absorbed within your body and into each muscle you worked so hard at.

For instance, did you know that a female body builder will absorb more iron from that protein filled stake if she ate it while drinking a glass of orange juice? Yes, food pairing can be the key in getting the most from the nutrition you take in.

With that in mind wouldn’t it be great to eat just one food that not only works to build muscles, but is wonderful for the rest of your body too.

With that, here’s a quick list great sites with their own list of the…

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Bonus #11 – 6 Vegetables with the Most Protein – There are a lot of body builders out there that could use more protein yet not get it from meats or dairy and vegetables are the way to go. Hint – you can top off your salad with some crushed almonds for a little protein boost too.

You will probably get a lot of repeats here.

High Protein Eggs* Eggs for instance will always show up as one of the best foods to build muscle because it’s such a perfect protein filled food with so much extra nutrients thrown in as a bonus.




grass fed beef* Lean red meat grown from healthy pasture raised grass fed beef is another top protein source but with so many other wonderful nutrients like magnesium and iron.




salmon* Fish, especially wild caught salmon is loaded with protein as well as omega-3 fatty acids among other delicious vitamins and minerals.



cooked_turkey* Poultry – Not to be outdone is poultry. Chicken and Turkey is probably eaten more often than any other food. I’ll bet I eat chicken 2-3 times per week.




milk* Dairy – My favorite food for building muscle though is dairy food. Like so many of us, I’ve been drinking milk since I was a baby and I hope I never stop. Other dairy products that can help you build muscle are Greek yogurt and certain cheeses. Why Greek yogurt? Well, go to the grocery store and look at the label. Greek yogurt can contain twice as much protein and calcium than other makes.


Muscle Building FoodsJust these 5 foods alone are enough to take care of many a body builder’s protein requirements, never mind the fact that they all taste super delicious. Other muscle building foods you should seriously look at to get your body in top shape include:

  • beans and other legumes – Great for building muscle, beans and legumes is one food group isn’t consumed as often as it should.
  • other meats like pork – Properly made pork chops can pack on over 20 grams of protein per serving, but stay away from bacon that’s too salty.
  • some grains like quinoa are great not only because it’s a good source of protein but because that protein contains all essential amino acids. This is the reason that quinoa and eggs are called the “perfect protein source”.

Feeding your body with the right foods that build muscle mass fast will not only help you build bigger muscles, but also to help the rest of your body stay healthier. What I don’t want you to do is to be strict about it and neglect other foods to help keep your body in top shape. So don’t just eat foods that have lots of protein in it. You need to combine your salmon with a great vinaigrette salad and maybe some garden vegetables on the side.

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